Victoria Holmes: The cat who moved a mountain (1992, Jove Books) 3 stars

Jim Qwilleran travels with his Siamese cats to the supposedly tranquil Potato Mountains when a …

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2 stars

Qwill and the kitties are away from Moose County again, and it falls a little flat.

Qwill is officially a milllionaire. He stuck it out and has his hands on the Klingshoen fortune. What does this fool of a pompous ass do? He decides to rent a house in a the mountains for the ridiculous amount of $1000 a week to reflect on what his next move should be. Now, please keep in mind that this book is like 30 years old, so with inflation that makes this all the more ridiculous. Qwill is dumb. He waits until the middle of the night to make his long distance calls so it will be cheaper, but spends $1000 on a huge house for him and the 2 cats. Remember when long distance rates were a thing? Remember when we cared about stuff like that instead of using our cell phones with unlimited minutes? Or even made phone calls at all? Also, Qwill does no real reflecting, gets caught up in a mystery, and tries to put his mack down on multiple younger women. Polly is way too good for you, dude. You sicken me. In the end, he heads back to Pickaxe, as he should. With a tiny cliffhanger that I'm sure will be dropped by the time I roll into book 14.

2.5 stars, but I am rounding down because Qwill gets more insufferable by the day. He's an ass, but I stay for the cats and the colorful cast of characters in Moose County.