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Julia Skinner: Our Fermented Lives (2022, Storey Publishing, LLC) 3 stars

3.5 stars

3 stars

Pros: - Well balanced book with both theory/stories about how fermentation have shaped culture - Good representation of professionals that are not men involved in the food sector - A sensitivity, approach and set of values close to mine

Cons: - The writing style is not really engaging. I wanted to skim a lot of pages, because I got bored - Some inconsistency with smaller details or chapters being overly developed and others just browsed briefly

Jenny Odell: How to Do Nothing (Paperback, 2020, Melville House) 4 stars

Nothing is harder to do these days than nothing. But in a world where our …


No rating

It was OK. I have sympathy for the author and trust in their genuine and informed interest on the topic. I got lost and bored when too many art references were added. It often felt like polluting a bit the matter with quirky and irrelevant art parallels talking about pieces that are very niche aka that no one knows about, so hard to relate to. I wish the book was shorter and more straight to the point.

Annie Ernaux: Se perdre (Hardcover, French language, 2001, Editions Flammarion) 4 stars

"Available in English for the first time, the latest astonishing, bestselling, and award-winning book by …

Je regarde les arbres, le soleil sur l'herbe (il est douze heures trente)), quelque chose glisse là, maintenant, d'insaisissable, et qui me fait passer de la présence possible d'hier à l'absence définitive de demain. Ce jour est la charnière du passé et de l'avenir. C'est comme la mort.

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