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reviewed Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects (Paperback, 2007, Three Rivers Press) 3 stars

WICKED above her hipbone, GIRL across her heart.

Words are like a road map to …

Not my cup of tea

1 star

Oh, this was not my favorite, I’m afraid. Sharp Objects is skillfully written but the story is much darker than I’d normally go for (I read it for a book club), and the heroine just struggled throughout - I never felt happy for her and I had trouble relating to her, so, in the end, it felt like witnessing the life of someone I cared for but couldn’t connect with just unravel, in truly awful ways, while I could do nothing but watch. I didn’t enjoy it. Like the many descriptions of vomiting in the story, reading it felt like tasting bile for hours.

I didn’t like any of the characters (except her editor back in Chicago). The small town’s inhabitants are pretty uniformly characterized as uneducated, troubled, and driven to alcoholism, addiction, and escapism. I found this whole side of the book to be fairly insulting to small towns. …

All Systems Red (EBook, 2017, 4 stars

"As a heartless killing machine, I was a complete failure."

In a corporate-dominated spacefaring future, …

This was a reread for me, and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. I really love Murderbot. I find their narration oddly calming, despite the fact that their storyline continually takes them into danger.

Favorite quote:

Gurathin turned to me. “So you don’t have a governor module, but we could punish you by looking at you.” I looked at him. “Probably, right up until I remember I have guns built into my arms.”