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Review of 'Cruising utopia' on Goodreads

2 star

This review quite eloquently sums up a lot of what I think, so, here: agree that Muñoz is a great close reader, and those segments where he's only doing that were so great. If this book had been just a document of queer histories and art criticism, I would give it a higher rating. (The chapter on stages is brilliant and effective!) But everything else this books tries to do is so utterly boring to me. As the other reviewer states, it's certainly good at challenging the "majoritarian, normative, capitalist pig focus of the gay world today". But to me, that's part of what annoys me both about this book and about queer theory: it's too committed to being in conversation with and challenging "traditional" and "normative" culture in basic ways. And to write a book that is largely a manifesto about pursuing a "queer utopia" that is not …