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Annalee Newitz: Stories Are Weapons (Hardcover, 2024, Norton & Company Limited, W. W.) No rating

A sharp and timely exploration of the dark art of manipulation through weaponized storytelling, from …

Utterly fascinating and wide-ranging, Newitz wires about The relationship between propaganda, advertising, and popular literature in particular science fiction. Some of her case studies could be expected, like the one on The Bell Curve, but some are not, like her chapter on the Indian Wars. She ends the book with a section on why she thinks there's cause for optimism, which I thought was the weakest part of the book, but perhaps others will be less cynical than I am.

The subtitle of this book is "the prayer book as guide to a spiritual life" and that understates its scope, which embraces Christian spirituality as a whole in addition to providing a brief history and practical guide to the 1979 Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and its calendar, Daily Office, and the Eucharistic services. Very readable and highly recommended!