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Barbara Kingsolver: Demon Copperhead (2022, HarperCollins Publishers) 4 stars

Set in the mountains of southern Appalachia, Demon Copperhead is the story of a boy …


5 stars

This book hit hard, and snuck up on me in a lot of ways. Ultimately uplifting, it puts a very human face on the carnage caused by opioids in America.

It’s not always easy to read descriptions of suffering, but there’s redemption too. Highly recommended!

Walter Mosley: Every Man a King (2023, Little Brown & Company) 5 stars

He sets the bar high and meets it every time

5 stars

"That night I was lost in a deep forest, and someone, I didn’t know who, was after me. I’d take a few steps and then stop, afraid that the sound of my footsteps would call down my enemy. That was the entirety of the dream; I’d take a few steps, get frightened by sounds of leaves rustling, then crouch down—naked and afraid."

I love his prose, and get lost in his books. This is the second in the King Oliver series, and it continues to use noir as a peg upon which he hangs a story about New York City and two very different men. Both kings in their own way.

Marina Di͡achenko: Vita Nostra (2018) 4 stars

"While vacationing at the beach with her mother, Sasha Samokhina meets the mysterious Farit Kozhennikov …

Really peculiar, slightly mind blowing. Reminded me a bit of how I felt reading The Magicians. Also, I didn’t really understand the ending, even after re-reading it.

Looking forward to the sequel to answer some questions.