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Chaz Wilmot is a painter born outside his time. He possesses a virtuosic command of …

Review of 'The Forgery of Venus' on 'GoodReads'

5 stars

I read this over the weekend. I bought it back at the start of February when I read this piece from The Magnet about the author: - I highly recommend reading this piece, as Michael Gruber is a fascinating individual himself with several careers before he started writing thrillers!

I found The Forgery of Venus as close to un-put-down-able as I ever find a book. It is "a literary thriller about a questionably insane artist who gets involved in the underground crime world of art forgery" (from The Magnet article linked above). There's a tremendous amount of art history included, but in such a manner as to be highly descriptive and very enjoyable. I actually pulled over a mobile device and looked up some of the artworks while reading about them, because the writing was so compelling.

I'm heading off to buy The Book of Air and Shadows now.