Nine princes in Amber (1972, Avon) 4 stars

First in the "Chronicles of Amber" series of fantasy books. The story begins in the …

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2 stars

Although apparently a worn trope the opening - where the protagonist wakes up without memory and we discover what's going on was promising. The rest of the story didn't fulfill that - I had trouble caring about any character and about anything that went on. If the book wouldn't have been so short it would probably have ended on the DNF pile.

Just like in A Rose for Ecclesiastes the protagonist is not a nice guy. One could even argue he's the bad guy in the story. That kind of refreshing perspective is also why I've given the book two stars instead of one.

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I don't think it's fair to spoil the "worn trope", to those who didn't read a thousand books with that trope.

I remember reading it for the first time and how bored I was for the first 50 pages, but as the chase scene was unfolding, I got transfixed and kept reading till I got the first five books done with.

Then I had a similar hump while getting into the next five books, but now they're actually my favorite five.