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Researcher in the streets, sleepless in the sheets. Video games pay my mortgage.

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The Culture of Make Believe (2004, Chelsea Green) No rating

Some quotes • "MONSTERS EXIST, BUT THEY ARE TOO FEW IN NUMBER TO BE TRULY DANGEROUS. MORE DANGEROUS ARE THE COMMON MEN, THE FUNCTIONARIES READY TO BELIEVE AND TO ACT WITHOUT ASKING QUESTIONS. PRIMO LEVI" • "If your community is founded on an injustice, that injustice cannot be questioned." • "There’s something interesting about the rate at which men in prison are raped: it’s lower than the rate at which women are raped in the culture at large." • "the stereotype of Klan members as mere buffoons was almost entirely false, sleight of mind that, to this day, allows all of us to acknowledge the existence of racism while pretending it is equal to unsophistication and stupidity." • "“Nobody talks about this,” he said, “but they’re branches from the same tree, different forms of the same cultural imperative….” “Which is?” “To rob the world of its subjectivity.” “Wait—” I said. …

Boys Weekend (Hardcover, 2023, Pantheon) 5 stars

From the award-winning cartoonist and editor at The Nib, a hilarious trans-“final girl” horror graphic …

I liked Boys Weekend quite a bit

5 stars

There's personal, social awkwardness and over-the-top Transmetropolitan-like dystopia. There's a whole difficult and violent world in which you struggle to find a way through, to make a life worth living and find beauty—and you cannot do it alone. Also, Boys Weekend can be read it in a single sitting.

Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World through Islamic Eyes (2009) 5 stars

Very good for me in building a large-scale understanding of Islam and the Middle World

No rating

To me, Destiny Disrupted is an excellent, high-level history of Islam and the Middle World; one which allows me to stitch together and better read similarities and differences between my otherwise isolated knowledge of Islam and the many spiritual, political, military currents over more than a thousand years