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Nixonland (Hardcover, 2008, Scribner)
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From one of America's most talented historians comes a brilliant new account of Richard Nixon--set …

Finding this really fascinating; sure, it's about Nixon, but there's a lot more about the socio-political racial turmoil in the US in the 60's—of which I now realize I was only vaguely aware—and how opened up cultural fissures that exist to this day, perhaps have only been further wrenched apart.

How to Be an Antiracist (audio cd, 2020, Random House Audio)
4 star

Less a “how to” than a “what is”

4 star

The author presents a steady, clear, additive set of definitions and considerations of racism. These are braided with personal and historical stories that illustrate, place in context, and humanize the drier, sober definitions that mark each new set.

When I began, it seemed straightforward, but as it built, as more was folded in, as the author stepped through things I had wondered or left unresolved in my own understanding, I felt more engaged.

Perhaps some punches pulled on the chapter on class? Perhaps the suddenness of the parallels with cancer not as compelling to me as, surely, it must be for the author and many others?

Don Rumata has been sent from Earth to the medieval kingdom of Arkanar with instructions …

What is "saiva?"

Seems to be a sort of biome or forest—but I cannot find an actual translation/definition anywhere.

Anyone have access to, like, a dictionary or something that could help?