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Musician, occasional writer, civil and digital liberties activist, trans-dimensional etymologist, surrealist sportsman, dangling participle.

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Gate of Ivory (Hardcover, 1998, Harper Collins) 4 stars

I've decided to start a re-read of Holdstock's Mythago cycle in the story order as opposed to the published order... It's an interesting experience thus far as I've not re-read them since they were published (with the exception of Mythago Wood & Lavondyss) - and I've not read the final novel Avilion at all - I was too upset at Robert dying so unexpectedly and young.

reviewed Looking Good Dead by Peter james

Looking Good Dead (Paperback, Macmillan) 3 stars

Does What it Says on the Tin

2 stars

Reading this was for me much like watching an episode of 70s UK TV like The Sweeny or The Professionals - slightly iffy but enjoyable enough mid- to low-brow entertainment to pass an evening, but nothing more than that. The quality of the prose was quite poor in many places, so I dropped a star from what would otherwise have been a down the middle three star average read.