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Computer scientist + statistician with an interest in cybernetics.

What is the socialValue of having full-time governments?

Let's build postScarcity solutions to stop 200+ years old ideologies

Remember: Reading is not agreeing, all knowledge should be open & book burners are fascists (except in times of need for cooking, safety, and heating but I shouldn't need to say this).

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Stories of Your Life and Others (2005, Tor) 4 stars

Ted Chiang's first published story, "Tower of Babylon," won the Nebula Award in 1990. Subsequent …

Review of 'Stories of Your Life and Others' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

A collection of unrelated stories that explore themes that are almost unheard of in current day sci-fi. The ability that Ted Chiang demonstrates in creating new universes, some of them based on western mythology is amazing. In some stories it even allows for a jump into mythological metaphysics and biogenesis, all the while creating a raft of coherence that allows the reader to see the story not as a magical fantasy but as a otherworldly sci-fi experience. The only thing bad is that this is just one book and not 5 or 6, but as an experimental collection of stories I could not allow myself but to have it rated right at the top.