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Micah Lee: Hacks, Leaks, and Revelations (2023, No Starch Press, Incorporated, No Starch Press) 5 stars

In the current age of hacking and whistleblowing, the internet contains massive troves of leaked …

A fantastic resource for those analyzing leaked data.

5 stars

This book covers the technology and tradecraft a reporter would need to safely handle leaked data. I've worked in this area since 2009 and this is hands down the best resource I've ever seen - a comprehensive exposition on the methods with lots of easy to follow hands on exercises. I already knew about 80% of what Lee suggests, the things I personally found most valuable were the introduction to Docker Compose, as well as the Aleph and Dangerzone tools. I run a Substack where I publish on similar matters, I'm used to writing for those who've newly developed an urge to dig deeper, and Lee does an excellent job of picking starting points accessible to all, then building on them.

Lester W. Grau: The Soviet-Afghan War (2002) 5 stars

The Soviet-Afghan War

5 stars

I read this book not long after it was publish, maybe the fall of 2003. I recall it being a good read - the U.S. had pranced into Afghanistan without much of a plan, then blundered into Iraq. I never imagined breaking contact with the irregular forces of Afghanistan would be a humiliating retreat twenty years later, but I had already begun to suspect it would be bad. The lessons in this book had to be relearned the hard way by coalition forces. Asymmetric conflicts are going to be an ongoing problem and it's worth revisiting this one and comparing it to the collective war diary of NATO forces in the country that began twenty years later.

reviewed The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin (The Broken Earth, #1)

N. K. Jemisin: The Fifth Season (Paperback, 2015, Orbit) 4 stars



An introduction to a fascinating world

5 stars

I don't recall how I discovered Octavia E. Butler twenty years ago but I'm pretty sure I noticed N.K. Jemisin thanks to a review in the Washington Post that compared her work to Butler's Parables books.

The Fifth Season is the beginning of an epic, laying the foundation of a world with a magic system and a hierarchical guild that employs it. A world, like ours, that is changing, changing in ways the humans within it do not expect and may not survive. If you're watching fantasy series via streaming ... the world of The Wheel of Time is probably the best match in terms of feel and scope.