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Mostly here for political education: socialism, abolition, indigenous sovereignty, queer rights, education, revolution, labor, organizing, etc. Librarian.

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Grant Morrison: Doom Patrol Book Three (2017, VERTIGO, Vertigo) 4 stars

There is a better world

4 stars

This was my first Doom Patrol experience in any medium; I skipped Books 1 & 2 of Morrison's Black Label trades. I just wanted a touch of back story before reading Rachel Pollack's omnibus. I read Morrison's Animal Man run recently and was annoyed by the fourth wall breaking, so I wasn't terribly excited about his DP run which was written around the same time. My expectations were exceeded. While the "surreal" stuff doesn't have the psychological horror edge of Morrison's Invisibles, it allows for more tenderness to develop between team members. Kind of a nice story about a group of friends where bad stuff happens to them. Only element that seemed off jumping into the third book is Cliff feels a little one-dimensional without more backstory. A comparison to Marvel's Thing seems apt. Other characters, especially Danny, Jane, and Rebis, are shown to have a lot of depth. Plenty …

Anastasia Higginbotham: Tell Me about Sex, Grandma (2021, Dottir Press) 3 stars

"Patiently forthcoming with lessons your parents redacted, this necessary conversation stresses consent, sex positivity, and …

Beautiful, but too abstract for young children

3 stars

There are some great parts of this book. Love the art. The parts about adults not being allowed to have sex with kids are great. However, it's a little too poetic and abstract to be useful for the young children for which it is intended. It never actually says what sex is, though it does deal with the "secrecy" around communicating about sex with children. But it also says "sex is a revelation." That line is actually my primary complaint. That barely makes sense to me, so I can't imagine it making sense to a young child...especially when you finish the book without ever learning what sex is.