Mutual Aid Printing and the Pandemic & Other Essays (EBook, 2022, Jamie Berrout) No rating

"These essays are addressed to the trans youth who deserve revolution and yet find themselves …

  1. The rules for raising funds are similar to those of publishing. Trans people are able to access life-saving support by leveraging their looks or their confessional, relatable, palatable creative work to make themselves into someone online. The trans people who get the most extensive support are the ones who least challenge the oppressive institutions that keep all of us down.

  2. If they were to risk as much as their poorer, lesser known peers they might lose everything. So they don’t. They choose to let others live with risk, allowing harm to reach them, while limiting their own exposure.

Mutual Aid Printing and the Pandemic & Other Essays by 

“Mutual Aid Printing and the Pandemic”