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A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching (2021, Workman Publishing Company) 4 stars

Part field guide, part history, part ornithology primer, and altogether fun.

Fact: Pigeons are amazing, …

Misunderstood birds made known

4 stars

A very fun read with lots of gorgeous and hilarious illustrations. Lots of interesting historical and cultural connections I had never heard of before.

I definitely see pigeons differently after reading this one.

reviewed On the Horizon by Lois Lowry

On the Horizon (Hardcover, 2020, HMH Books for Young Readers) 5 stars

Beautiful and terrifying reflections on Lowry's time in Hawaii and Japan as a child and teen

5 stars

I was deeply moved by the descriptions of humanity and the way Lowry tries to unify and distinguish human experience.

Kenard Pak's illustrations are also the perfect pairing to Lowry's sparse descriptive prose.