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Lance Ford: Unleader (2012, Beacon Hill Press) 4 stars

“ Leadership is the fruit, not the tree. Jesus leadership just happens. Jesus tells us to be a servant. That is his form of leadership. Stop working to be a leader. Be a servant and people will follow your lead. We have been soaked in the concept that leadership must be fashioned, focused on, and purposely practiced. Jesus doesn't teach that at all. Jesus clearly—and repeatedly—modeled and instructed his followers to focus on and practice servantship.” (p. 86)

Several websites by sports coaches made it clear that sportspeople have thought deeply about how to set goals for individuals and for teams. One important distinction they make is between three types of goal: process goals ("hit a harder serve"), performance goals ("serve more aces"), and outcome goals ("win Wimbledon"). Alex reflected that shareholders in the modern corporate world are far more interested in outcomes or so-called output measures, than they are in process improvement or so-called input measures. Yet many top athletes and their coaches believe that process goals are far more valuable since you can practise reaching a process goal (and get feedback on it) everyday - not just once a year when Wimbledon comes along. You are far more likely to set a goal that is demanding if it is a process goal because, if you fail to meet it, your failure will not be so public as failing to achieve a demanding outcome goal.

Tao of Coaching by  (Page 100)

I thought this was a good insight, and I want to keep it in mind both when considering my own goals and when mentoring others as they define their own goals.

Craig Allen Cooper, Walker Hayes: Glad You're Here (2022, Moody Publishers) No rating

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