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I farm. I write. I am. I hope to be.

— "The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress." —Philip Roth

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George Saunders: Liberation Day (2022, Random House Publishing Group) 3 stars

a curious exploration of our humanity

3 stars

Saunders is one of those authors whose style is a bit off-putting. I would love to crawl into his brain for a day. Always thought provoking, he looks at the world from a curious angle. I didn't love this collection but I would still recommend it if you are a serious reader who values introspective books that stretch you.

Michelle Min Sterling: Camp Zero (2023, Atria Books) 3 stars

clever, unique, makes you think

3 stars

Recommend. Let me start off with that. It didn't wow me (hence three versus four stars), but I find this a very unique read with a fascinating voice. The concept is compelling, and the principle characters are folks you really want to sit with and explore.

Most of the other characters, though, even the important ones, get short shrift. The narrative is more than a bit uneven here and there as well, but the pacing is great and the book starts off really strong.

The science: The author needed to spend a bit more on verifying the science. Even some relatively basic things, she misses the mark (insect drones are male. always. oil is not explosive. etc.).


Great story, nice and twisty with an unexpected ending that in retrospect is perfect. I really enjoyed this.