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Anarchist educator who can be found at where I muse about school and education-related things, and all my links are here. My non-book posts are at or emailed at [they/them]

I'm a secondary literature and humanities teacher, so expect a ridiculously huge range of books.

And yes, I do spend a lot of time making sure book entries are as complete as I can make them. Please send help.

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Queering Anarchism (2012, AK Press) 4 stars

What does it mean to “queer” the world around us? How does the radical refusal …

We need more of this.

4 stars

There needs to be a lot more queer texts, especially within anarchism. This had so many great pieces; even if I didn't fully agree with all of them, they always had something that provoked some ideas or opened up a few thoughts I hadn't previously explored.

The Dispossessed (1999, Gollancz) 5 stars

Shevek, a brilliant physicist, decides to take action. He will seek answers, question the unquestionable, …


5 stars

I love this book. A lot. It actually means quite a lot to me because it was one of the first places where I could see someone trying to think through some kind of anarchist community, what some of the problems could be, and just how we could possibly organise our entire lives differently.

The Little Squatters' Handbook (Paperback, 2006, Advisory Service for Squatters) 3 stars

A lonely house all falling down; five homeless folk alone and cold. How can there …


3 stars

I wish there were more books in this genre, and I would happily collect them all in order to promote them elsewhere. This is so sweet, and it's definitely great for young children.

The flow is a bit wonky in the poetry (personally), but it's still got a great message. (Though, I think there needs to be a little more focus on people fighting to stay in their home, since that's exactly what happens when people are squatting. I also think that this could show a stronger community message, which would improve it greatly.)

Hacking the Writing Workshop 2 stars

Basically an Edu Blog in a Book.

2 stars

Moderately useful. Reads mostly like a stereotypical education blog where all the posts link back to Teachers Pay Teachers, and that's actually kind of annoying. The resources that the QR codes lead to are mostly... not helpful? They're impractical and infuriating, and a lot of it isn't really geared for any age group at all.

That isn't to say there isn't anything useful, but it didn't feel any different than blog posts I've found that try to sell me things.

Binti (2015, 4 stars

Her name is Binti, and she is the first of the Himba people ever to …


4 stars

In a lot of ways, I wish this was a more fleshed out novel. It's still great as a novella, but I wanted more.

I also did this with my high school creative writing class, and all of my students thought it was pretty good. A lot of my students got mad at me for not having them read the others, which I think is a good indicator of how enjoyable it is.