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Anarchist educator who can be found at where I muse about school and education-related things, and all my links are here. My non-book posts are at or emailed at [they/them]

I'm a secondary teacher (on hiatus), so expect a ridiculously huge range of books.

And yes, I do spend a lot of time making sure book entries are as complete as I can make them. Please send help.

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The 5th Wave (2013, Thorndike Press)
4 star

After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And …

A good start.

4 star

A small spoiler.

We Should All Be Feminists (Paperback, 2014, Vintage)
3 star

In this essay -- adapted from her TEDx talk of the same name -- Chimamanda …


1 star

Update: The biological imperative that I mention later in this review makes sense, particularly as she has recently published a personal essay that outlined transphobic views, and it's not the first time. I also find this critique of her interesting.


I don't have many issues with the overall theme. Feminism is a goal that we should all be working toward; strictly enforcing gender roles is something that we really need to stop doing. Those sentiments are something I can support and get behind.

I'm particularly drawn to the section about how we socialise girls (and people perceived to be girls) to work towards marriage, while we don't do the same to boys. For girls and femmes, we're taught to be likable and to seek a relationship (and that we've failed if we're not married by some magic age). We're seen as less respectable if we're unmarried, while men …