Rumiko Takahashi: InuYasha, Vol. 6 (2003, VIZ Media) 4 stars

Through magic, Kikyou, the priestess who originally killed Inu-Yasha, has taken over Kagome's body. Is …

The Same Character is the Best and Worst Part of this Volume

3 stars

I do like Miroku, particularly when they let him be a sincere character. His lecherous behaviour is often played for a joke, and it gets tiresome after a while. Even with other characters commenting on it (mostly being annoyed about it), it often is played for laughs or used as a means to drum up the perpetual jealousy in the unspecified relationship between Kagome and InuYasha.

Though the story is still fun, these things have definitely grown more infuriating and boring as I've gotten older.