Queering Anarchism (2012, AK Press) 3 stars

What does it mean to “queer” the world around us? How does the radical refusal …

We need more of this so we can have something good.

2 stars

There really needs to be a lot more queer texts, especially within anarchism. There were so many pieces that I didn't fully agree with (and that's fine), but it was worrying how often these pieces tended to err towards... other hegemonic values. Sometimes, I don't think they noticed they were doing it.

Some of the essays quoted... massively problematic people in trying to make their point, and I'm not keen on that. Revisiting it, I found an essay that openly cites an individual who has worked with organisations that support pederasts, and I just... don't get why? Like, it doesn't build their point, it doesn't add to it, and it does just... open up a lot of issues for queer folks. Why should we launder people who engage in harm against children into our spaces?

Sadly, more people need to really check through their sources and recognise who they are and elaborate on them.