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May 21, 1963

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Taylor Anderson is an author, historical artillery and firearm expert, re-enactor, and former history professor. He is the author of the Destroyermen series, about USS Walker, USS Mahan, and USS S-19, and their fight against the Grik. Anderson has also written several short stories in the same fictional universe. Anderson served as a weapons consultant to various media organizations. In 1999, he owned three cannons which he had used for Civil War re-enactments and manufacture 19th century firearms. He served as a weapons expert for the 2004 movie The Alamo.In May 2020, Anderson announced that Winds of Wrath would be the final book in the Destroyermen series and that he has started on a new writing project. The first book of his Artillerymen series, a prequel to Destroyermen will be released in September 2021.

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