Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 202


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Published July 1, 2023 by Wyrm Publishing.

4 stars (2 reviews)

Cheaper to Replace by Marie Vibbert Death and Redemption, Somewhere Near Tuba City by Lou J Berger Estivation Troubles by Bo Balder Clio's Scroll by Brenda W. Clough Tigers for Sale by Risa Wolf Timelock by Davian Aw What Remains, the Echoes of a Flute Song by Alexandra Seidel The Orchard of Tomorrow by Kelsea Yu Margaret the First and The Blazing World by Carrie Sessarego Colorful Tales: A Conversation with Yukimi Ogawa by Arley Sorg Riding On a Toy Train: A Conversation with Aimee Ogden by Arley Sorg Editor's Desk: Things Only Sort of Change by Neil Clarke Autumn Pond: Art by Sergio Rebolledo

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A better than average issue

3 stars

A better than average issue, with interesting stories by Marie Vibbert, Bo Balder, Brenda W. Clough and Davian Aw.

  • "Cheaper to Replace" by Marie Vibbert: an old robot is in need of repairs. And one graduate student, who has developed a fondness for the robot, is desperate to keep it after the university administration wants to get rid of it. Her last hope may be a professor who has a liking for old cars and, perhaps, an understanding for why she wants to keep the robot around.

  • "Death and Redemption, Somewhere Near Tuba City" by Lou J Berger: in the future, a woman hunts down the last of the AI cars still roaming the country. But their rivalry turns into grudging accommodation at the end when their encounter does not go well for either of them.

  • "Estivation Troubles" by Bo Balder: an interesting story of a couple who pay a …

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