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Exploring one universe at a time. Interested in #Nature, #Photography, #NaturePhotography, #Science, #ScienceFiction, #Physics, #Engineering.

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The social behaviour of monkeys (Paperback, 1972, Penguin) 4 stars

The Unbiased behaviour a zoologist

4 stars

I discovered Thelma Rowell through her more recent work, where she has taken her field studies with primates and applied their methods to domesticated livestock. So it was a surprise and a treat to discover a copy of this book, which I believe was the only one she ever published. It was even more a pleasure to discover that, even fifty years ago, Rowell had a keen sense of critique about the way humans observe our world.

The Social Behaviour of Monkeys was part of a series published by Penguin in the early 1970s. The book's title is self-explanatory; it explores in great depth the many research studies about social groups and behaviours in various primates, both in the wild and in captivity. A lot of the chapters are methodical references of different studies contemporary to the time of publication, and would not be to everyone's taste. What is striking …

AI 2041 (2021, Currency) No rating

AI will be the defining development of the twenty-first century. Within two decades, aspects of …

Quantum Genocide: a techno-thriller involving the stealing of Bitcoins that is the trigger for a series of global terrorist events started by one person who wants to get his revenge of humanity. It would take the efforts of an intelligence officer and a hacker to try to stop him.

Masquerade Season (EBook, 2021, Tom Doherty Associates) 3 stars

Pauly is a good son. When he brings home three beautiful Masquerades, he's expecting that …

An obedient son who has to decide when it is wise to disobey his mother

3 stars

A story of a boy who, while generally obedient, disobeys his mother's orders in small ways, like taking shortcuts to get back home. On one of these shortcuts, he encounters colourful African Masquerades who say they are his and follow him home.

Then the trouble starts, for his mother begins to make small requests, taking pieces from his Masquerades to put into her own designs to be sold. And one day, the boy decides to disobey his mother in a big way.

AI 2041 (2021, Currency) No rating

AI will be the defining development of the twenty-first century. Within two decades, aspects of …

The Holy Driver: in Sri Lanka, a boy who is good at VR racing is given the chance to drive a VR car that feels almost real. Later, he will discover the purpose of the reality simulation and, in a crisis, having to take life or death decisions.

AI 2041 (2021, Currency) No rating

AI will be the defining development of the twenty-first century. Within two decades, aspects of …

My Haunting Idol: a detective story set in a virtual world where a dead singing idol appears as a ghost to a fan who wants to solve the murder mystery.

The Shape of My Name: A Tor.Com Original (2015, Tor Books) No rating

The Shape of My Name by Nino Cipri is a time travel story about what …

A time-travel story with paradoxes, intertwined with self-identify

No rating

A time-travel story told linearly from the point of view of the first-person narrator, who grows up hating the name (not said in the story) given to her by her mother. Then she learns of the time-travel machine maintained by her family for generations (and its limitations) and goes on a journey to discover herself and the reason her mother eventually leaves her.

As in most time-travel stories, it all comes back full circle once the narrator realizes what she wants and is willing to reconcile with her mother.

Far Side of the Universe (2021, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 3 stars

When young Ira arrives for her appointment, she is prepared to be transported to The …

On the value of a futuristic one way trip

3 stars

Two technicians prepare a person for a one-way trip: being reduced to data and sent to a destination thousands of light-years away.

But discussions during the preparations and afterwards shows the doubts one technician has over the purpose of offering the trip to those who want to do it.