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Exploring one universe at a time. Interested in #Nature, #Photography, #NaturePhotography, #Science, #ScienceFiction, #Physics, #Engineering.

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Porgee's Boar (EBook, 2022, Tor Publishing Group) 3 stars

In Jonathan Carrol's new original short story, "Porgee's Bear," an artist's work attracts the …

An interesting story about the nature of fear.

3 stars

An interesting story about the nature of fear. An artist catches the eye of a gangster, who now regularly buys her paintings. One day, the gangster asks her to paint a picture based on a photo of his favourite childhood memory.

But what she draws would be more than just a replica of the photo, and highlights the nature of fear: what she fears about her gangster customer, and what the gangster would fear about her painting.

The Thief of Memory (EBook, 2022, Tor Publishing Group) 3 stars

A new Original short story by fantasy writer and author of The Book Eaters, …

A Hero pursues a thief, but may not find what she expects

3 stars

A Hero crosses the desert in pursuit of the Thief of Memory to get her memories back. But as the flashback episodes soon make clear, what she pursues may not be what she expects, and the returning memories will show how lies can become the truth with a change of perspective.

"And Then There Were (N-One)" is a 2017 science fiction/murder mystery novella by Sarah Pinsker. …

A murder mystery involving many versions of the same Sarah Pinsker.

3 stars

Numerous versions of Sarah Pinsker from different multiverses get together for a convention on an isolated island. But when a murder takes place, it is up to an investigative version of Pinsker to figure out who did it.

As in mysteries of this sort, the clues are scattered throughout the story, and it might be possible for an attentive reader to figure out who is the suspect. But the motive is science fictional and would involve a yearning for living a different life, when the numerous Sarah Pinskers have already lived multiple lives.

This Place Is Best Shunned (EBook, 2022, Tom Doherty Associates) 3 stars

Allie and Rooster are heading down to Asheville for Rooster’s new gig, a cushy stint …

A horror story about a pursuing monster located in an apparently abandoned church.

3 stars

A horror story about a couple who notice what appears to be an abandoned church. But when they investigate it, they discover a horror in the church, which would go on to pursue them as they try to escape. For one, escape would be no release, for it would only lead to a realization that there is no escaping the pursuing horror.