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Rebecca Thorne: Can't Spell Treason Without Tea (2022, Thorne, Rebecca) 4 stars

All Reyna and Kianthe want is to open a bookshop that serves tea. Worn wooden …


5 stars

Big recommend to anyone that liked Legends and Lattes or similar stories. This book did really well with balancing the cozy vibes with external threats to the community and everything the characters built, which gave it more depth than L&L, more akin to Bookshops and Bonedust. The world building was interesting enough to me to not fall into generic fantasy.

I loved the emphasis on non-violent outcomes and diversion of fantasy bad character tropes to productive members of a community, which really added to the depth. I hate when a bandit or thief type is just one dimensionally “bad”. I also loved that the romance is healthy with good communication and positive modeling of working through issues.

Various: Impressions of Rosetta's Legacy (EBook, 2016) 3 stars

This e-book (pdf, 33MB) is a collection of public contributions to celebrate the impact of …

The impressions a 'plucky' little comet explorer had.

3 stars

An interesting book that collects the thoughts and feelings of people who have been following the Rosetta space probe and Philae lander as it approached and studied comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (67P).

As told in their own words, poems, images, linked videos and internet links, the book shows just how much the little space craft has affected the lives of many people (including young children) who have followed the mission through to its amazing conclusion.

You won’t find many details about the actual mission itself in the book, but you will get an idea of just how effective ESA’s media outreach and attempts to make people relate to the mission were as recorded in the words of the people themselves.

Rachel Swirsky: Also, the Cat (2024, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 3 stars

Even death is no match for a trio of elderly, stubborn, ever-sparring sisters, who refuse …

On arguing ghostly sisters, and a cat.

3 stars

The parents of three sisters with nearly the same age required them to share possessions and personalities since young. Naturally, they hate each other and left as soon as possible. But now they are elderly, and events has bought them back to their parent's house. As the sisters die, their ghosts remain tied to the house, arguing with each other. But perhaps the ghost of a childhood cat can show them a path to leave the house that would involve them acting in a way they haven't done before.

Nghi Vo: On the Fox Roads (EBook, 4 stars

While learning the ropes from a crafty Jazz Age bank robber, a young stowaway discovers …

Bank robbers that travel on unusual, and maybe dangeroous roads.

3 stars

A young girl runs away with two bank robbers to get back an item they robbed from an earlier bank. But the journey would be an unusual one, for the robbers make use of unusual roads to get away from the cops, roads that only one of the robbers can sense. As their relationship develops, the young girl takes on the task of driving the getaway car and getting a sense of the roads. But danger is never far, either from the police or from the possibly dangerous inhabitants on the roads.

Ray Nayler: The Mountain in the Sea (Hardcover, 2023, W&N) 4 stars

There are creatures in the water of Con Dao. To the locals, they're monsters. To …

On trying to communicate with other sentient beings.

3 stars

An interesting near-future thriller mainly set on the Con Dao archipelago in Vietnam, where a species of intelligent, communicative octopus have been discovered. To try to communicate with them, a specialist in octopus has been called in, and she will have to work alongside an android, which may be the first sentient AI created, and a security officer who is deadly serious in protecting the area from all intruders.

The attempts at communication with the octopus is the main basis for the story. But layered upon it are philosophical discussions over the nature of the octopus itself, how they may see the world and how you approach and communicate with sentient beings that don't share the same senses or even a brain network with us: octopus limbs can operate independently of the brain, and they send messages by changing the patterns on their skin.

Subplots in the story focus on …