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Published May 27, 2013

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"Young ex-slave Gideon Bardsley is a brilliant inventor, but the job is less glamorous than one might think, especially since the assassination attempts started. Worse yet, they're trying to destroy his greatest achievement: a calculating engine called Fiddlehead, which provides undeniable proof of something awful enough to destroy the world. Both man and machine are at risk from forces conspiring to keep the Civil War going and the money flowing. Bardsley has no choice but to ask his patron, former president Abraham Lincoln, for help. Lincoln retired from leading the country after an attempt on his life, but is quite interested in Bardsley's immense data-processing capacities, confident that if people have the facts, they'll see reason and urge the government to end the war. Lincoln must keep Bardsley safe until he can finish his research, so he calls on his old private security staff to protect Gideon and his data. …

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Review of 'Fiddlehead' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

When a writer opens a new series with a wonderful, unexpected smash hit, inevitably and unfairly everything after that will be based on the expectations of the first one. Inevitably, the writer can never live up to these expectations, because it is either a matter of diverging too much or repeating too much.

Fiddlehead is a good, engaging read, especially so the first half, but it is no Bone Shaker. If you come for the zombies, you have to stay for the steampunk, which at least for me is less engaging. No doubt about the fact that the Clockwork Century is a wonderful setting and that Priest can write engaging action-thrillers but I wish there were more zombies.

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4 stars


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