Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 203


English language

Published July 31, 2023 by Wyrm Publishing.

3 stars (1 review)

Fiction: - "Every Seed Is a Prayer (And Your World Is a Seed)" by Stephen Case - "Window Boy" by Thomas Ha - "Light Speed Is Not a Speed" by Andy Dudak - "Who Can Have the Moon" by Congyun 'Muming' Gu, translated by Tian Huang - "Empathetic Ear" by M. J. Pettit - "Gel Pen Notes from Generation Ship Y" by Marisca Pichette - "Resistant" by Koji A. Dae

Non-fiction: - "There's a New Octopus Sheriff in Town" by Priya Sridhar - "Sense And Perception: A Conversation with Emma Mieko Candon" by Arley Sorg - "Everything Goes In Cycles: An Interview with Joshua Glenn" by Arley Sorg - "Editor's Desk: One for the Team" by Neil Clarke

Cover Art: - "Old Ways" by J.R. Slattum

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An average issue of Clarkesworld

3 stars

An average issue, with interesting stories by Stephen Case, Thomas Ha and M. J. Pettit.

  • "Every Seed Is a Prayer (And Your World Is a Seed)" by Stephen Case: in the future, an AI is assigned the task of greening the world by using algorithms to replant the trees and to monitor them using drones. But as time passes, the AI begins to make choices and introduce technology that its makers and users barely understand, or what its final objective would be.

  • "Window Boy" by Thomas Ha: in the future most people live in sheltered houses, safe from the horrors of the outside world, except for some. The child of a family in such a home somehow becomes friends with one such outside person, who comes to his window. But the view of the outside is 'filtered' and it needs, some willpower for the child to reduce the filters to …