Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Development

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Staying Alive

4 stars

First off, Shiva cannot seem to write without clobbering repetition. The heart of her ideas and activism, however, are galvanising and foundational. She has transformed the way I think about food justice and agroecology. She questions the sanctity of science and development and [reveals] that these are not universal categories of progress, but…projects of modern western patriarchy. Food and water as life itself have been distorted into modes of generating profit—literally at the cost of life itself in soil degradation, waterlogging, salinity, and desertification.

Agriculture based on diversity, decentralization, and improving small farm productivity through ecological methods is a women-centered, nature-friendly agriculture. In this agriculture, knowledge is shared—other species and plants are kin, not “property”—and sustainability is based on the renewal of the earth’s fertility and the renewal and regeneration of biodiversity and species richness on farms.

The scientific revolution in Europe transformed nature from terra mater into a machine …