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(she/her) I've started a lifelong phase focusing on books written by women of colour

=============== 2023 stats ===============

38% of the authors I read were women of colour 40% was nonfiction 49% of the fiction was SFFH 33% were published in 2023 76% were published in the last 10 years From 130 abandoned books I read approximately 1094 pages over 37h

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Helen Dewitt: The English Understand Wool (Hardcover, 2022, New Directions) 4 stars

Raised in Marrakech by a French mother and English father, a 17-year-old girl has learned …

The English Understand Wool

4 stars

Can't help but try my hand at adding to the collection of maltranslations.

As much as I would like to convey small-town life to you across two hundred pages, I wouldn't have the barbarity to make you suffer through the garrulousness and sly barbs of provincial conversation. Me, 2024
Shane Hawk, Van Alst, Theodore, Jr.: Never Whistle at Night (2023, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group) 4 stars

Norris Black • Amber Blaeser-Wardzala • Phoenix Boudreau • Cherie Dimaline • Carson Faust • …

Never Whistle at Night

4 stars

Favourites: "Scariest. Story. Ever." by Richard Van Camp "Night Moves" by Andrea L. Rogers "Capgras" by Tommy Orange "The Scientist’s Horror Story" by Darcie Little Badger