Nearly Roadkill

An Infobahn Erotic Adventure

Paperback, 385 pages

English language

Published Jan. 5, 1996 by High Risk Books.

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5 stars (3 reviews)

"A novel written in cyberspace, Nearly Roadkill is an Infobahn erotic thriller without any boundaries - virtual, sexual, legal, or otherwise. What-appears-to-be Boy meets what-appears-to-be Girl. But their world is the Net, where any persona - and any gender - can be created. They pose as a host of different personalities, switching identities and genders as quickly as they create passwords. Named Scratch and Winc, these two genderless beings cybersurf into the various worlds on the Net as they fight government intervention on this final frontier."--BOOK JACKET

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reviewed Nearly Roadkill by Kate Bornstein

It's messy in a really good way

4 stars

Everyone in this book is a mess and says and does questionable things. It's also very sweet, very very sweet.

Sci-fi wise, it's..... something inspired by 90s internet, but powered by targeted ads, which have become a political necessity cause the government needs business money to do internet.

And that's kinda the starting point for how things get much much bigger than the main characters. Two horny queers who meet again and again in different chat rooms and have sex. And like changing roles too much to behave in the predictable way that is needed for targeted ads.

I really like how the authors' intimate knowledge of weird internet cultures and the people who make them shows. There's even some multiples having a short appearance.

I'm not happy with the ending, but eh, it's fine.

"An Infobahn Erotic Adventure" says it all

5 stars

This is a delightful book! I found it in the "Gender Studies" section of Mercer Street Books, which is not really where it belongs, because it's fiction, but it is definitely about gender! It's a star-crossed lovers story set in a world where everyone must register to use the internet, which means answering a series of questions, including questions about gender, so that their ads can be tailored (lol sounds familiar). However our two protagonists don't want to declare their genders; their genders are fluid, and they prefer staying anonymous, accessing the infobahn illegally, and running into each other on chat room after chatroom, where they have a wide variety of playful, tender, and creative cybersex. A lot of this book is chat transcripts, and a lot of those transcripts are sex. I have never met anyone who has read this book! I will keep talking about it until I …


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