Interzone #295


English language

Published Aug. 31, 2023 by MYY Press.


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3 stars (1 review)

Interzone #295 features fiction by Seán Padraic Birnie, Rachael Cupp, Frank Dumas, Stephanie Lane Gage, Jendia Gammon, Ai Jiang, Jonathan Laidlow, Edward R. Morris, Nozaki Mado, Katie McIvor, H. Pueyo, Amal Singh, R.L. Summerling, Corey J. White, Aigner Loren Wilson; non-fiction by Gautam Bhatia, Alexander Glass, Kelly Jennings, Paul Kincaid, David Langford, Nick Lowe, Val Nolan, and Aliya Whiteley; and art by Carly A-F, Martin Hanford, Emma Howitt, Dante Luiz, Juliana Pinho, Vinayak Varma, and Richard Wagner.

1 edition

An average issue of Interzone.

3 stars

An average issue with interesting stories by Amal Singh, Katie McIvor, Corey J. White, Frank Dumas.

  • "Plague Dream" by Seán Padraic Birnie: in a world full of crisis and plagues, one person is isolated from others and yearns for contact, including from her recently deceased mother.

  • "Significant Disruption" by R.L. Summerling: a commuter waits for a late train and muses about possible futures, from missing the train, or meeting unwanted colleagues on it, or possible train disasters. Only one of those futures may come true.

  • "Easels" by Amal Singh: a mother tries to reconnect to her teen daughter after an accident kills their father. But the connection would take an unusual turn when the daughter's skill in painting life-like objects turns out to be more than just a skill.

  • "We Are A Little Hotel" by Ai Jiang: workers at a hotel struggle to fulfill the wishes of their customers, while …