The Trials of Baromir


english language

Published June 29, 2023

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In the fantasy story Trials of Baromir, Baromir spends two weeks out of his farming life visiting the continent he lives on. From Helva province he travels to Lagosia province and ends up in the city of Dormir. Along the way, he encounters a female mage, a dragon disguised as a commoner, and a dwarf who can't mind his business searching for the ultimate fight. As he spends time in Dormir city, he encounters thugs, criminals, and a prince out to get a dragon to stop eating his magical cows.

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No rating

As far as I can find out, this book is self-published by the author. And, to be blunt, this is very evident in the text. I doubt there has been any external editors involved in this book. The story isn't bad per se, but the text is riddled with mistakes, parts with very sloppy writing, inconsistencies - all things a good (or even mid) copy-editor would have noted and helped fix. One example: in the start of the book Ragnor the dragon - in his elven form, Rennyn - enjoys the novelty of the taste of ale, but it is explicitly stated he can't get intoxicated no matter how much he consumes. Later in the book this forgotten, and Rennyn is repeatedly described as being drunk. Another: distances are given in SI units, an unconventional choice given the medieval fantasy setting, and feels very jarring.

This story reads like the …