Hardcover, 399 pages

English language

Published Oct. 22, 2018 by Schwartz & Wade Books.

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HE WAS KING HENRY VIII, a charismatic and extravagant ruler obsessed with both his power and with siring a male heir.

They were his queens--six ill-fated women, bound for divorce, beheading, or death.

Open this book and enter a court filled with the power-hungry and cutthroat, and those who serve them. Watch friends, advisors, and even family betray one another--all to please an impossible-to-please king.

Meet the devout and faithful Katharine of Aragon. See the sword flash as fiery Anne Boleyn is beheaded for adultery. Follow Jane Seymour as she rises from bullied court maiden to beloved queen, only to die after giving birth. Hold you breath as Anna of Cleves plays a most dangerous hand. Feel Catherine Howard's terror as old lovers resurface and whisper vicious rumors to Henry's influential advisors. Pace the room with Kateryn Parr as her enemies try to ensnare her. Experience the heartache of mothers …

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