Any Way the Wind Blows

hardcover, 528 pages

Published July 6, 2021 by Wednesday Books.


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5 stars (2 reviews)

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5 stars

It's finally here! And it's hollowed me out like a small, decorative pumpkin!

God, I was scared picking up this book, because I didn't know if I was going to love it because it was this series or love it for the book it was, and I didn't know if the pain (because of course there was going to be pain) was going to overcome the rest of it. But dear Lord this book is good.

This book is also really, really funny, which is a gigantic surprise. These characters somehow all got 70% funnier the second they figured out how to use their words to actually communicate. (And yay, communication is a thing in this book!)
And yet, Rainbow flexes fully here and gives up emotional wallops, derringdo, and a comedy hour in between, and none of it feels anything but organic or earned, and all of it …

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4 stars