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Published Jan. 20, 2015

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4 stars (6 reviews)

The authoritative resource to writing clear and idiomatic Go to solve real-world problems

Google’s Go team member Alan A. A. Donovan and Brian Kernighan, co-author of The C Programming Language, provide hundreds of interesting and practical examples of well-written Go code to help programmers learn this flexible, and fast, language. It is designed to get you started programming with Go right away and then to progress on to more advanced topics.

Basic components: an opening tutorial provides information and examples to get you off the ground and doing useful things as quickly as possible. This includes:
    command-line arguments
    web servers
Program structure: simple examples cover the basic structural elements of a Go program without getting sidetracked by complicated algorithms or data structures.
Data types: Go offers a variety of ways to organize data, with a spectrum of data types that at one end match the features of the …

2 editions

reviewed The Go programming language by Alan A. A. Donovan (Addison-Wesley professional computing series)

Review of 'The Go programming language' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

My attitude towards Go in the past has been one of superior contempt. After all, I had visited the higher planes of programming, where one can see macros and monads in their full brilliance, and thus relegated Go to the unwashed masses. On the few occasions I had used it--alas, professional programmers are merely mercenaries--it was surprisingly easy to write. Almost enjoyable. But no, I had seen the pure snows on the peaks of the Olympian mountains of abstraction. Once you breathe the rarefied air of higher abstraction you can't wallow in the mud that is programming in lesser languages. So I continued to look down on Go and its users.

I have crossed paths with this book a number of times. I leafed through it, I even read the introduction, but I never picked it up properly. This changed because, of all things, a book on Zen Buddhism. You …

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  • Go (Computer program language)
  • Programming
  • Open source software