, #3

eBook, 286 pages

English language

Published by Indipendent.

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Still reeling from the upending of her life, Dr Amelia Ahlberg finds herself the sole physician of the new human colony on Yaspur. Luckily, a medical delegate was assigned to help her settle in after the trauma of the Paramour. When a young girl falls ill because of a common flower, Amelia begs him to take her on his research excursions into the jungle. She needs to learn how to care for her people first hand.

But Ezraji Zarabi is confusing. He's erratic, distant, and increasingly hot-headed. He refuses, leaving her to fend for herself as the stress threatens to crack the good doctor's reality. When she starts to hallucinate, she has to wonder...Is it her? Or is it him?

Amelia's instincts are put to the test. Does she trust the one person that's always there when she needs him, or does she question why he's there in the first …

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  • Sci-fi
  • Romance