, #4

eBook, 373 pages

English language

Published June 17, 2022

4 stars (1 review)

Aavar Medansh, chief pilot to the human colony on Yaspur, has had his sights set on Bree Stewart since the moment she touched his tendrils. Despite his best efforts, the tough, exuberant mechanic-in-training rebuffs him at every turn. When he finally gets the chance to take her on a date to his own colony city, he can’t believe his luck.

But Aavar is keeping secrets. Beneath the clownish jousting and flirtation, he hides a dark past that he fears will push Bree away. Before he can gather the courage to tell her the truth, their transpo is shot down in the jungle by smugglers looking to cache Bree in for a big payday on the Outer Exchange. What was the best night of his life quickly turns into a nightmare as they run for their lives.

Will their hearts survive?

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1 edition

reviewed Persistance by Etta Pierce (Intersolar Union, #4)

Great book, got a bit too bleak for me in the middle

4 stars

Etta's books are really good, but they tend to focus a bit too much on to the bleak and heavy, more than I enjoy at least, and from the rather long list of CWs they really do apply, so make sure to read them if you have issues with some heavy subjects.


  • Scifi
  • romance