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Published by Bluecoat Press.

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Originally shown at The Photographers’ Gallery in 1979, the exhibition garnered critical acclaim, solidifying the work as one of the most important of its generation. Bluecoat Press is proud to be publishing this incredibly significant project as a 250-page photobook, beautifully printed and bound.

Janine Wiedel is an internationally important documentary photographer whose work spans over five decades. Tutored by Ansel Adams and Nancy and Beaumont Newhall, she photographed the Black Power movement in the late 1960s and Berkeley People’s Park protest and riots of 1969. Arriving in England in 1970, she embarked on a continuous series of long-term projects including five years documenting Irish travellers. Her later work includes the Greenham Common Women’s Camp, the multicultural community squat in St Agnes Place, London, and the BAME and Rastafarian communities in Brixton. Her latest work includes six months photographing in the Calais ‘Jungle’ and Grande-Synthe refugee camp in Dunkirk. Always …

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Amazing documentary photos

5 stars

Throughout the 70s, Janine Wiedel visited the industry of the West Midlands, documenting the work and workers across the mines, steelworks, potteries and jewelry and chain makers.

Beyond the amazing photographs of the work in action (all the way down to the face of the coal mines!), there is a large collection of wonderful portraits, showing off the human side of the labor in the larger than life industry.


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