Godmother Night

Paperback, 368 pages

Published Nov. 7, 1996 by Abacus.


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3 stars (1 review)

2 editions

Almost Great

3 stars

The first half of the book is the story of a lesbian couple meeting and negotiating their relationship. The magic bit is minimal. It's drawn out, a bit convoluted, and if that were the book, it would be one star. The second half is the story of their daughter, who can speak with the dead because her godmother is Death, and that is genuinely interesting and thought-provoking. More magic, less boring. If that were the book, it would be four stars. So we'll split the difference.

Solid rec for fans of 90s feminist fiction with strong themes (but no real plot lines) of magic and witchcraft.


  • Fantasy
  • Literature of special Lesbian interest
  • Science Fiction