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started reading Point of Hopes by Melissa Scott (Astreiant, #1)

Melissa Scott, Lisa A. Barnett: Point of Hopes (2012, Lethe Press) 3 stars

The royal city of Astreiant, the capital of the Kingdom of Chenedolle, is bracing itself …

i'm 1/2 way through and really don't get a single thing that's going on. it's engaging in that it's making me consider what makes effective vs ineffective fantasy, but it's also a shame because i think that buried under waaay too much vocab there's an interesting world in there- if only i could figure out what it is.

T. Frohock: Los Nefilim (2016, HarperCollins Publishers) No rating

Three brilliant novellas. One fantastic story. Collected together for the first time, T. Frohock’s three …

wanted to like this, gave up at like 10%

No rating

a guy who is half angel half demon has to go rescue his husband and long-lost son from celestial shenanigans. kinda reads like if the DaVinci Code and The Old Guard had a baby. that sounds entertaining in theory, but you need to work a little to convincingly write an 800 year old character, and for me this didn't hit the mark.