The bards of Bone Plain

English language

Published Nov. 8, 2010 by Ace Books.

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3 stars

love Patricia McKillip's style. There's something so magical about it, a way of pulling you into this alternate world and immersing you so completely in it. She writes sort of matter-of-factly, about preposterous ideas, about things which even the people who inhabit these imaginary lands find strange and unbelievable.

McKillip's books are more about character than plot, and I think that's very evident in The Bards of Bone Plain. It was very easy to follow the plot, because not much happens. I was able to skim whole pages because I didn't feel like I'd be missing out on any important facts or details. It's more about the unraveling of secrets and how people react to them. The technique she uses so often, of combining straight storytelling with "excerpts" from various sources, makes up much of the style and contributes to the feeling of discovering and uncovering …

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4 stars