The Memory of Love

Hardcover, 445 pages

English language

Published Aug. 8, 2010 by Atlantic Monthly Press.

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3 stars (4 reviews)

Aminatta Forna has established herself as one of the most breathtaking writers out of Africa today, winning readers' hearts and critical acclaim; Vanity Fair named her one of the continent's most promising writers. Now, in The Memory of Love, she evokes the haunting atmosphere of a country at war in powerful story of two generations of African life.

In contemporary Sierra Leone, a devastating civil war has left an entire populace with terrible secrets to keep. In the capital hospital, Kai, a gifted young surgeon is plagued by demons that are beginning to threaten his livelihood. Elsewhere in the hospital lies Elias Coke, a man who was young during the country's turbulent postcolonial years and has stories to tell that are far from heroic. As past and present intersect in the buzzing city, Kai and Elias are drawn unwittingly closer by Adrian, a British psychologist with good intentions, and into …

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1 star


The Memory of Love is not an awful book. Most of my book group enjoyed it though they did seem to agree with me that it took 150 pages to get into. I gave up on page 164 (or 36%).

To be honest, I felt uninspired by the book before I even picked it up. A book about love in Sierra Leone. Sounds promising but I didn't engage at all with the characters and I felt it was all a bit unemotional. The group countered that it was more like real life. 1. I get enough real life as it is and 2. I am quite an emotional person (in real life). I felt like I was going through the motions of reading the words but not feeling them. Some thought it was beautifully written but when I compare it to some of my recent reads, it just doesn't …

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3 stars