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Another Life (EBook, 2023, Stelliform Press) 4 stars

Finding out who you were in a previous life sounds like fun until you’re forced …

Another Life

4 stars

My first foray into solarpunk. Interesting to read not long after reading LeGuin's The Dispossessed, the classic 'ambiguous utopia'. And in both novels, the supposedly-non-hierarchical social system is marred by implicit power structures, and the proportedly-autonomous communities do have some dependency on non-utopian other worlds. I found Another Life very readable and enjoyable--a real page-turner--and although I wasn't convinced by a lot of the imagined technological solutions to (carbon capture is a distraction and continuation of business-as-usual rather than a way forward, and artificial lakes in Californian deserts don't have great ecological precedent...) the exploration of power in social movements was really interesting for me. I felt that Ulibarri was using birth/reincarnation as a conceit for talking about the flipside of charismatic and competent indivudals' exalted position in so-called leaderless movements. As someone who has held roles of responsibility in non-hierarchical grassroots groups, I really appreciated the treatment of Galacia's …