The Book of Koli

(Rampart Trilogy #1)

Paperback, 416 pages

English language

Published by Orbit.


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5 stars (5 reviews)

Beyond the walls of the small village of Mythen Rood lies an unrecognizable world. A world where overgrown forests are filled with choker trees and deadly vines and seeds that will kill you where you stand. And if they don't get you, one of the dangerous shunned men will.

Koli has lived in Mythen Rood his entire life. He knows the first rule of survival is that you don't venture beyond the walls.

What he doesn't know is - what happens when you aren't given a choice?

The first in a gripping new trilogy, The Book of Koli charts the journey of one unforgettable young boy struggling to find his place in a chilling post-apocalyptic world.

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Fascinating ecotastrophe future by the author of The Girl With All The Gifts!

5 stars

This was a really fascinating read! Imagine a future in which the world has been taken over by incredibly aggressive gene-modded plants, humans are on the edge of collapsing below minimum genetic diversity, living in isolated low-tech tribal villages, using the dregs of their old tech to keep the plants at bay and scrape by. Koli finds a piece of tech that both lifts him up and casts him out and through his eyes we get to see both village life and how the rest of the world is coping. I always enjoy Carey's characters and writing style and this is no exception. Recommended! (And a trilogy, so be aware you'll have two more you'll want to read after this one!)

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  • Fiction
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  • Dystopian
  • Post-apocalypse