The Passenger: Japan

For explorers of the world The Passenger

Paperback, 192 pages

English language

Published May 6, 2020 by Europa Editions & Iperborea.

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4 stars (1 review)

A new series from Europa Editions, The Passenger collects the best new writing, photography, art and reportage from around the world.

IN THIS VOLUME: Ghosts of the Tsumani by Richard Lloyd Parry・Living in Shimokitazawa by Yoshimoto Banana・Why Japan Is Populist-Free? by Ian Buruma・plus: a Shinto sect in the shadow of power, feeling debts by disappearing into thin air, the decline of sexual desire, the obsession with American blues, the strongest sumo wrestler of all time (who isn’s Japanese), the revenge of the Ainu and much more...

Visitors from the West look with amazement, and sometimes concern, at Japan’s social structures and unique, complex culture industry; the gigantic scale of its tech corporations and the resilience of its traditions; the extraordinary diversity of the subcultures that flourish in its “post-human” megacities. The country nonetheless remains an intricate and complicated jigsaw puzzle, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for stories, reflections, and reportage. …

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A beautiful glimpse on the heart of Japan

4 stars

One of the best titles in The Passenger series. This is one standing out resource on Japanese culture which feels true and intimate, without falling into the typical Western serotypes. The variety of content provided, together with the selected photos and infographics, contribute depicting a lively and dynamic portrait of the traditional Nipponic landscape.