Interzone #290/#291

EPUB, 192 pages

English language

Published by TTA Press.


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3 stars (1 review)

192 gorgeous full colour pages packed full of modern science fiction and fantasy: New long and short stories by Alexander Glass, Tim Major, Lyle Hopwood, Daniel Bennett, Cécile Cristofari, Matt Thompson, John Possidente, Lavie Tidhar, and Shauna O'Meara; Climbing Stories by Aliya Whiteley (x2); Ansible Link by David Langford; lots of book reviews; six and a half thousand words of Nick Lowe's Mutant Popcorn; wraparound cover art by Vincent Sammy and story illustations by Jim Burns, Vince Haig, Richard Wagner, Dave Senecal, Ev Shipard and others.

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Review of Interzone #290/#291

3 stars

An above average issue with interesting stories by Alexander Glass, Tim Major, Cécile Cristofari and Shauna O'Meara.

  • "A Hollow in the Sky" by Alexander Glass: a story set in a time when most of Earth's human population are joined together in a gathering of minds. But some individuals are still around, and one has been sought out to assist in the return of another individual who has travelled with an alien group mind and maybe returned with a message of hope.

  • "The Andraiad" by Tim Major: an interesting story about a man who works and repairs pianos and other mechanical objects for a living. As the story progresses, it would appear that the man may not be a man at all, but a creation made to replace another man. But this premise may need a re-examination when an accident reveals more about what he may actually be made of.

  • "Pace …