Engaging the Enemy

Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages

English language

Published Jan. 30, 2007 by Del Rey.

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4 stars (7 reviews)

For fans of fast-paced adventure and compelling characters, the military science fiction of Nebula Award--winning author Elizabeth Moon is the perfect choice. The brilliantly unorthodox Kylara Vatta, black-sheep scion of Vatta Transport Ltd., one of the galaxy's wealthiest merchant houses, is a heroine like no other, blessed with a killer instinct for business and for battle. Now, in the aftermath of cold-blooded assassinations that have left her parents dead and the Vatta shipping empire shattered, Kylara faces her greatest challenge yet. There is a time for grief and a time for revenge. This is decidedly the latter. Placing her cousin Stella in command of the trading vessel Gary Tobai, Ky embarks aboard the captured pirate ship Fair Kaleen on a twofold mission: to salvage the family business and to punish those responsible for the killings . . . before they strike again.Since the network providing instantaneous communication between star systems …

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