The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January/February 2021


English language

Published Jan. 3, 2021 by Spilogale, Inc..

4 stars (1 review)

1 edition

A better than average issue of F&SF, the last one edited by C.C. Finlay

4 stars

A better than average last issue of this magazine to be edited by C.C. Finlay. It features interesting stories by Robert Reed, Jonathan L. Howard, John Kessel, Lavie Tidhar and James Morrow. "N-raptured" by Justin C. Key, however, may be too US-centric a story to be enjoyed by those who are not familiar with racism and the use of racial words in the US against African-Americans.

  • "Integral Nothings" by Robert Reed: enigmatic aliens are altering the world, making it a better place. But appearances can be deceiving, when the unknown plan the aliens have for the world may not be for the good of mankind.

  • "The Diamond Family Glitters" by H. Pueyo: an unusual family gathers, preparing for the death of an elderly relative. But this is a family of unusual abilities, all of which stem from the dying relative, and there are fears their abilities will vanish when she …