The power broker

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The power broker (1975)

English language

Published Dec. 4, 1975


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5 stars

Wow, what to say about this book? 1,200 pages about a bunch of long dead megalomaniacs, led by Robert Moses, a tunnel visioned urban planner who, if it wasn't big highways ploughed right throw New York City, he was hardly interested. It tells the story of how he screwed over a city I don't care about by ignoring non-whites and mass transit, while being the shadow government behind New York City politics for more than 50 years. An unelected bigot, beholden no one and completely on his own.

And, despite the fact it took me over 2 years to read it, I enjoyed every page of it. One of the reasons for the delay was because it was a library book and it was under such demand, I never could renew it. I finally bought my own copy (which I will donate to my library now), so I wasn't at …

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