Dragon Pearl

Hardcover, 320 pages

Published Jan. 15, 2019 by Rick Riordan Presents.


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3 stars (3 reviews)

THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD MIN comes from a long line of fox spirits. But you'd never know it by looking at her. To keep the family safe, Min’s mother insists that none of them use any fox-magic, such as Charm or shape-shifting. They must appear human at all times.

Min feels hemmed in by the household rules and resents the endless chores, the cousins who crowd her, and the aunties who judge her. She would like nothing more than to escape Jinju, her neglected, dust-ridden, and impoverished planet. She’s counting the days until she can follow her older brother, Jun, into the Space Forces and see more of the Thousand Worlds.

When word arrives that Jun is suspected of leaving his post to go in search of the Dragon Pearl, Min knows that something is wrong. Jun would never desert his battle cruiser, even for a mystical object rumored to have tremendous power. …

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3 stars

I really loved the worldbuilding here but the suspension of disbelief was a bit too strained and too little was explained for my taste. Also the last location was the most interesting and could have easily been a whole book of it's own. Definitely an enjoyable read, though, I just wished there had been more depth here and there. It was very refreshing to read magic and mythology not built from Western lore and I definitely will read more from that author.

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3 stars
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3 stars