#Spring Love, #Pichal Pairi


English language

Published March 2, 2021 by Tom Doherty Associates.

3 stars (1 review)

A series of interviews between a young, clean-cut journalist and an alternative, independent pichal pairi turns into an unexpected romance. But their relationship is tested when the entire world around them shuts down.

1 edition

A fantasy love story with a twisted ending.

3 stars

A story that starts as a series of interviews between a journalist and a person in Pakistan who is said to be a pichal pairi, a 'monster' with reversed feet. The initial impression is of a story of a man meeting an unusual girl with a defect, not a supernatural monster. They then proceed to be attracted to each other and develop a romantic relationship.

But there are moments of unusual activity and behaviour that betray that she may be more than just a person with deformed feet. And it is only when the whole world is suddenly shut down due to a pandemic (name not stated in the story) that the real fantasy elements of the story come forth, making the reader re-evaluate who she really is and whether she is still around.