Heroes at Home #1

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Heroes at Home #1 (2021, Marvel Worldwide, Incorporated)

English language

Published Jan. 4, 2021 by Marvel Worldwide, Incorporated.


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5 stars (1 review)

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Review of 'Heroes at Home #1' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

This is a lovely bit of fluff... and then, that happened.

And it's at this point in the read I find myself uttering the word, "No," Aloud in a disturbed cross between command tone and, "I have to hide in the weeping closet again."

Just. If one frame could make a comic go from 5-star to 17-star? This was it.

It's been years since a comic made me say, "No," Aloud, and it was perfectly set up. I may never be the same again. Get it, read it, spend 20 minutes in the weeping closet to recover. It's worth it.


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